Smart Savvy Vacation Spending with your RV

With any trailer or Motorhome there is always the consideration of gas to get where you want to go! Surprisingly RV travel can save on family vacations!

Depending on the type of trip and RV used, a family of four can save 23% – 59% on vacation costs according to the PKF Vacation Cost comparison study.  For a couple of two or all those empty nesters out there, it is possible to save 11%-46%. In fact, 80% of RVers say that vacationing in their RV even when gas prices rise, the trip still costs less than other types of vacations. In all reality, there is no need to worry even with gas prices going up, if used appropriately.

Ways to plan Smart Savvy Vacations with your RV:

1.  Choose destinations that are closer to home. This allows you to drive fewer miles and staying longer in one location.

2. Enjoy the campground! By spending more time by the campfire, socializing with family, and taking day hikes you will be able to spend less time on the road

3. Pack lighter to reduce weight.

4. Consume less fuel by driving 55 mph instead of 65 mph. Many RV owners say that this truly helps with traveling costs.

5. Keep home utilities turned off to save energy while traveling.

By using these ways to save,  your vacation with friends and family will still be just as fun! If gas prices go up you can count on plane fares and other traveling modes to increase in price as well. So you can count on RVing to be a cheaper option.  At this point in time, for RVing to become more expensive than other forms of travel for a family of four, the prices of fuel would have to more than double.

So if gas prices are making you worry when it comes to family vacations, there is no need. Like with any money spending decision, if planned appropriately, can be worked out. By using these ways to be smart about RVing then you don’t have to compromise your getaway from the everyday hustle and bustle and the good memories spent with those you love.

**This information came from the Campground & RV Park e-News” that was sourced from Recreation Vehicle Industry Association.

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Differences between Class A, B & C Motorhomes

Class A, B & C Motorhomes.

Do you love the great outdoors but not sure what type of RV to purchase? Well, if you don’t have a vehicle that is able to pull a trailer or a fifth wheel, then a motorhome would be a great option for you.

There are 3 types of Motorhomes. Class A, B, & C. Some of the features are similar between all three classes, but the differences between the three are what makes each class stand out. Having these similarities and differences divided out, will educate you into knowing the three different types and will help you make a more informed decision on which one would be the best fit for you and your family.

Entegra Anthem Class A Motorhome

Entegra Anthem Class A Motorhome

Class A Motorhome: Class A Motorhomes are built on heavy duty frames. The frames are constructed on either a commercial truck chassis, a specially designed motor vehicle chassis or a commercial bus chassis. These frames use similar construction to the big 18 wheelers you see on the highways. They have 22.5 inch wheels which are designed for carrying a heavier load. These vehicles can either run by gas or diesel and usually get 8-10 miles per gallon. Class A Motorhomes usually have a minimum of two slide-outs. Class A Motorhomes are known for high luxury and quality. They are very roomy with large living spaces and tons of storage. Class A Motorhomes sleep 2-4 people with a bedroom in the back of the coach and the couches in the living area folding down into beds. If you’re looking for a motorhome with high luxury, residential features from home, and tons of space, a Class A Motorhome is for you.

2009-Winnebago-ERA Class B Motorhome

Winnebago-ERA Class B Motorhome

Class B  Motorhome: Class B Motorhomes look very much like a van. In fact they can be called van conversions or camper vans. Even though they have similarities to a van these vehicles are tall enough for the passengers to stand upright. Located inside of a Class B Motorhome you’ll find a kitchen, living area, and bathroom. Although these amenities are provided, they are very small. To save on space, the entire bathroom is basically the shower, called a wet bath. To put it simply, it is like having the toilet and sink inside of a large shower.

2012 Northwood Arctic Fox A990S Bishs RV Wet Bath

Wet Bath

They can have slides to provide more space but these are usually only located on the more extravagant Class B Motorhomes. Because these vehicles are the smallest of the 3 types, they are the least expensive. Class B gets the best gas mileage out of the three and are easiest to drive. With their compact body there is no need to tow a car behind you. You’ll find that a Class B Motorhome will have no problem parking within an average size spot or driveway. Even though they have no problem maneuvering around during errands, the inside is very cramped so their isn’t much room for storage. If having to unhook the hookups from your motorhome each time you leave your campsite is an annoyance to you then that is a factor you will have to consider. If you like the thought of convenience and you don’t mind how much space you have to move around, then a Class B Motorhome just might be the right RV for you.

Jayco Greyhawk Class C Motorhome

Jayco Greyhawk Class C Motorhome

Class C Motorhome: Class C Motorhomes are the medium-sized motorhome. They are supported by a cabin chassis. They are usually recognized quickly by their over-cab sleeping area. With this overhead sleeping area it creates more room for the living area, storage, kitchen, and a bigger bathroom than a Class B.  Sometimes, depending on the length, Class C Motorhomes even have a back bedroom. With all of this space, Class C Motorhomes can sleep 4 to 8 people. Class C Motorhomes are typically able to tow a separate car for running errands and sight-seeing. If you don’t bring along a separate vehicle for sight-seeing, maneuvering around town in a Class C Motorhome can be challenging and difficult. It’s usually harder to find a bigger parking area, and if you go into a downtown area, parking is virtually impossible.  Class C’s tend to get poorer gas mileage compared to a Class B Motorhome. If you have a bigger family and would like to tow a vehicle behind your rig, a Class C Motorhome might be the right RV for you.

Whatever motorhome you decide to purchase, make sure you have the right information to make the best choice for you and your family. If you have any questions about any type of motorhome, don’t hesitate to contact Bish’s RV Supercenter.

**This information came from the”Differences Between Class B & Class C RVs“by Jennifer Collins and from “Class A vs. Class C Motorhomes” by Don Bolen. Both articles are from

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eleMMent Palazzo – World’s Most Expensive Motorcoach New on the Market

eleMMent Palazzo with ladder lift

Austrian company Marchi Mobile has constructed a spaced-age, luxury motormansion  on wheels, the eleMMent Palazzo. This 2-level aerodynamic design gets 13 miles per gallon, helping to achieve a 20% increase in fuel efficiency of motorhomes. The body was designed by Luigi Colani, a German industrial designer.

This motorcoach is high class all the way with each being custom designed for the owner’s personal wishes, needs and style. Each eleMMent comes with a convenient lift ladder entry, a living room/lounge, a master bedroom, a kitchen and two bathrooms (one located each floor).

eleMMent Living Room/Lounge area

With a living space of 215 square feet, the living area slide-outs double the size, making it 430 square feet. The bedroom comes with a 40 inch TV and a master bathroom with a rainfall shower and a separate toilet.

eleMMent Master Bedroom

eleMMent Master Bathroom

There is also a working fireplace, hardwood floors, skylights, a programmed central control remote, luxurious decorations, height-adjustable seating, mobile Internet, streaming video surveillance and satellite TV. The eleMMent also has a glow-in-the-dark finish to improve night safety.

Sky Lounge and Bar

The Palazzo comes with a Sky Lounge (20 square meters) that rises from the top of the motorhome with a press of a button. The sky lounge comes with heated floors and a bar.

eleMMent Exterior with Sky Lounge extended up

The eleMMent Palazzo has a top speed of 93 mph and a 510 bhp engine. Despite being over 40 feet long and having 20 tons (44,000 pounds) of weight, this motorhome gets 13 miles per gallon and reduces fuel consumption of up to 20% because of the aerodynamic design.

eleMMent Driver's Cab

This huge motorcoach does need a special driver with a HGV license (heavy-goods vehicle license – required mostly in the UK  and Europe). The coach is equipped with a driver’s cab that has a bunk bed in it.

The most luxurious, modernized motorcoach is on sale now for only $1.9 million pounds ($2.9 million), making it the most expensive motorhome on the market in the world right now!

To read more information about the eleMMent Palazzo, see the following links:

eleMMent Palazzo's Floorplan

Click Here to read our blog post about the Vantare Platinum Plus Motorcoach. This motorhome use to be the most expensive RV in the world before the eleMMent Palazzo went on the market. The Vantare even has a garage underneath to store a sports car. Make sure to check it out!



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Video: The Sand Dunes – Our Stunt Guys

Our creative team from Ad Fire Creative had some awesome footage of our riders doing amazing stunts! So here is a video featuring our stunt guys from our Sand Dunes commercial shoot at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes.

Watch Now: The Sand Dunes – Our Stunt Guys

Click Here if you are having trouble viewing this video.

Watch our 2 new Sand Dunes Memories Commercials featuring these Stunt Riders. These commercials also feature a Jayco Octane toy hauler and a Dutchmen Rubicon toy hauler.

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New Commercials: Sand Dune Memories

Here’s our two new Sand Dunes Memories commercials featuring a Dutchmen Rubicon Toy Hauler and a Jayco Octane Toy Hauler. These commercials were shot at the Sand Hills Resort at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes in Idaho. Thank you to Ad Fire Creative, who filmed and produced these commercials for us.

Click Here to watch a Behind the Scenes Video of this commercial shoot.
Click Here to view pictures from this shoot.

TV AD: Octane Sand Dunes Memories Commercial

Click Here if you are having trouble viewing this video.

TV AD: Rubicon Sand Dunes Memories Commercial

Click Here if you are having trouble viewing this video.

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Behind the Scenes: Sand Dunes Commercial Shoot

Sand. Big Air. Toys. What else does a commercial need! Here’s a Behind the Scenes look at our Sand Dunes commercial shoot at the Sand Hills Resort at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes. We shot 2 commercials featuring 2 different toy haulers, a Jayco Octane and a Dutchmen Rubicon. This commercial was filmed and produced by Ad Fire Creative.

See pictures from this shoot at our Facebook Page.

Watch Now: Behind the Scene – Sand Dunes Commercial Shoot

Click Here if you are having trouble viewing this video.

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Twin Falls’ New Location at Curry Crossing

Our Bish’s RV Store in Twin Falls has moved to a new location! We now have 3 service bays, an expanded parts and accessories department and a bigger sales lot. Come see our new location at Curry Crossing, just a mile west of our old location on Highway 30.

VIDEO: Twin Falls’ New Location at Curry Crossing

Click Here if you are having trouble viewing this video.

To see pictures of our new location, Click Here.
To see a Behind the Scenes Look from this commercial shoot, read our Blog Post “VIDEO: Behind the Scenes Footage – Twin Falls New Location Commercial”

Bish’s RV of Twin Falls
Curry Crossing
21318 Highway 30
(208) 293-9100

For more information about Bish’s RV of Twin Falls, please visit their Facebook page.

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