The Benefits of an RV Dealership Service Department

When it comes to servicing your RV, where do you take it? An RV dealership, an Independent RV Service Garage or do you do it yourself?

Of course, Bish’s RV will always suggest taking your RV into a dealership. Now we might be bias, but we have a good reason to be. Here are some benefits to taking your RV into a dealership and some questions you should ask yourself before taking it into an Independent RV Service Garage. In the end, you could save yourself thousands of dollars in repair by taking your RV or trailer into an RV dealership and here’s why…

Benefits of an RV Dealership Service Department:

  • Dealership RV Technicians are manufacturer-trained with ongoing training programs to keep them up-to-date on the latest RV enhancements and repair techniques. These manufacturer training programs are only available to the dealership who sells their products, keeping the training exclusive to the dealers.
  • When it comes to warranties, the advantages are definitely with the dealership. If your RV is still under warranty, depending on what the warranty covers, your dealership will perform the repairs for free. Plus, the dealership has a warranty department that will submit all of the warranty forms for you and help you with any needs you might have with a warranty issue.
  • RV Networks: Most big dealerships buy into an RV Network where their customers can get service and parts from other dealerships across the country for a discounted price. So if you are on the road and you break down, the closes Network Dealership to you will come and help you get back on the road. This service is usually an extra fee you pay when you purchase your RV, but definitely worth the peace of mind.
  •  When it comes to customer service, the Service Department has to please not only the General Managers and owners of the dealership, but their manufacturers too. Dealerships do not want complaints directed to their manufacturers. So the Service Department is more willing to do more for the customer and to make sure they are doing the highest quality of repair on your RV.
  • In a Dealership’s Service Department, the facility, tools and equipment are usually up-to-date. This allows the RV Technicians to perform the tasks needed to repair your RV accurately and efficiently. Facility size matters and at a dealership they usually have a bigger Service Department with more service bays. This might mean a shorter turn around time for you (not always, but usually true). The size of the facility can also determine the equipment that is used to repair your RV. The bigger the department, the newer and more up-to-date the equipment and tools are.
  • Labor fees are always an issue when it comes to getting anything serviced. Most RV Dealerships can be very competitive when it comes to service labor fees. Just because it is a dealerships doesn’t mean the labor will cost anymore than the independent garage down the street. Do your research on the specific repair you need done before making a decision. This is where you could save thousands in parts and labor because of certain factors that were mentioned above.

Questions to Ask an Independent RV Garage:

  • Are your RV Technicians properly trained and when was the last time they went in for training updates?
    • Most Independent RV Garages have trained technicians but they don’t keep their training current and up-to-date. Advancements in technology are rapidly changing each year, forcing RV Technicians to do training on a monthly to yearly basis. When you take your RV into a non-dealership service department, make sure their technicians have been trained within the last 6 months. Lack of training could cost you more when it comes to hourly labor fees.
  • What type of parts do you use to repair my RV?
    • Asking this question sounds stupid, but it’s not. If the garage uses manufacturer parts, that means they have to purchase them from a dealership that has a marked-up value attached to it. Most garages have generic parts, but those parts could compromise your warranty (if you have one) or could cost you more down the road because it wasn’t the exact part that was needed. Generic parts can reduce the reliability of the repair on your RV.
  • What is the Service Facilities like?
    • This might sound like another stupid question, but the size of the service facilities determines a lot of factors into the type of customer service you will experience. And size matters. The less amount of service bays a service department has, usually means a longer waiting time. Also the smaller the service department usually means more out-dated equipment, which could end up making the hours of labor more because they don’t have the necessary tools to get the job done on your RV.
  • Are you keeping up with the latest recalls, product updates and the rapidly changing technology?
    • RV Dealerships have certain memberships and subscriptions they use to keep up-to-date on the latest recalls, product updates and technological advances. When going into an Independent RV Service Garage, make sure they are up-to-date with all of the latest news and technology for your trailer’s manufacturer. Sometimes to cut costs, these types of Service Garages won’t subscribe to these types of services and you need to know that your RV will be repaired with the most recent information available.
  • Do you do warranty work properly?
    • Since an Independent Garage is not a dealership, they don’t sell the product you’ve purchased from a dealership. Sometimes the warranty you buy clearly states where you can and can’t get your RV serviced at. Make sure before taking in your RV that the Garage does warranty work through the company you have your warranty through. With warranties, making sure your RV is serviced at the right type of business can save you thousands of dollars in labor and parts. Also, make sure who is submitting the warranty work. If you have to do it, then this might cause you headaches and more pain than its worth.

If you have any questions about getting your RV Serviced, please call one of our Service Departments.

Boise & Nampa: 1-800-743-9567
Idaho Falls, Pocatello & Twin Falls: 1-800-759-4386

For more information about Bish’s RV, please visit our website.


About bishsrv

Bish’s RV Super Center is dedicated to provide quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers, and to create an atmosphere where our customers can enjoy a positive experience as friends of our family business. When Bish's RV first opened its doors in Idaho Falls 17 years ago, we had no intention of evolving into the largest RV dealer in the State of Idaho. Rather, it was owner Tadd Jenkins' goal to incorporate the same ideals that had been instilled in him by his family since he was a small boy. Among these were honesty when dealing with others, treating others like you would want to be treated, and always be available to provide service when it is needed.
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2 Responses to The Benefits of an RV Dealership Service Department

  1. Rank50r says:

    I need a Rv cover that will help protect my RV’s finish from the damaging effects of sun. I checked out these sites – – – Any feed back would be great. Thanks

    • bishsrv says:

      I would recommend the Adco covers from NTP that we sell.
      They have been making RV covers since the 1950’s
      They use DuPont TyVek and have 2yr warranty

      Here is some info on their product:
      Travel trailer 31´7″ to 34´
      * Ideal for climates with intense moisture and moderate sunshine
      * Triple layer SFS AquaShed top panel beads water on contact
      * High performance Polypropylene side panels
      * Passenger-side Zipper Entry Doors
      * Completely Breathable with moderate U.V. stability
      * Strap and buckle attachments prevent billowing
      * Reinforced, elasticized corners
      * Front and rear cinching system for loose fabric
      * Ladder Cap reduces wear over ladder area
      * Storage Bag included
      * Scaled to fit Travel Trailers up to 100″ wide and 102″ tall.

      Ideal for climates with intense moisture and moderate sunshine. Protect your investment and provide triple the protection compared to standard covers. High performance polypropylene sides insure maximum breathability and virtually eliminate mold and mildew. Triple layer SFS AquaShed top panel beads water on contact affording maximum resistance to high humidity and rainfall in addition to protection against UV rays. Contoured to fit Travel Trailers. Passenger Side Zipper Entry Doors for access during storage. Strap and buckle attachments prevent billowing in windy locations and allow for a custom look. Reinforced, elasticized corners resist tears and snags. Front and rear cinching system for loose fabric. Includes storage bag for easy stowing of cover when not in use. Polypropylene ladder cap reinforces rear panel reducing cover wear over ladder. Measure RV from end to end (including bumpers, spare tire and ladder) to determine RV Cover needed for proper fit. Exclude ground clearance. Do not rely on manufacturer´s specifications. Scaled to fit Travel Trailers up to 100″ wide and 102″ tall.

      Designer Series contour fit 3 layer RV cover. Great cover for regions with high moisture and extreme sun. Best cover for long term storage. Superior UV protection. Passenger side zipper entry panels allow access, regardless of door position.

      Features: Front and rear cinching, Straps & buckles, reinforced front corners.
      DESIGNER SERIES Class A Contour-Fit 3 Layer RV COVERS
      Now up to 40% more Tyvek RV
      Available Tan and Dark Brown on White
      2 year warranty
      * Tyvek Roof Panels extend down sides to cover awnings.
      * Side Panels Increase From One Layer to Three Layers.
      * Side Panels Now Have Multi-color Designs.
      * Vents have been added to reduce billowing.
      * Strap and Buckles now include a weight for easy installation underneath the coach.
      * Front and Rear cinching now uses straps and buckles.

      Please call us at 1-800-759-4386 if you have any questions.
      Bish’s RV Super Center

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