Haunted Campgrounds

To celebrate the Halloween season, we have found a few haunted campgrounds across the U.S. for you to visit. If you believe in ghosts or not, these places are a must-see to get you into the  Spirit of Halloween.


Fernwood Campground – Big Sur, CA: For many years this area was considered sacred by the Esalen Indians and today stands as a commercial campground. ACTIVITY TIMES: Between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. – employees and guests have seen a ghost of an Indian wearing a corn mask near the cabins.

Lake Morena Campground – 63 miles east of San Diego, CA : On the remote eastern slope of the Laguna Mountains, at least one campground is haunted in the confines of this park. The apparition of a ghostly young woman in a long white dress has been seen several times. Campers have heard her singing and laughing in the distance and have also heard heavy footsteps around their tents.


DarkSyde Acres Haunted Campground – Jonesville, MI: Even though this campground has a haunted attraction attached to it, the campground itself is said to be haunted. Visitors have reported hearing footsteps and doors slamming and seeing strange shadows and ghostly figures around the campground.

Camp Roger at Pickerel Lake, MI: Camp Roger is a religious youth camp, but it is said, that a young camper drowned in the lake one summer. His ghost has been reported as running down a hill behind the lake shouting, “I’m gonna push you in the lake!” before vanishing.

North Carolina:

The Campground Massacre Haunted House – Charlotte, NC: Attached to this campground is a man-made haunted attraction. Not only do you get to experience the haunted woods nearby with indoor attractions along the way, but the owners have built a haunted mansion, Mina’s Mansion, that totally effects your mind!

Midway Wicked Woods – Statesville, NC (near Winston-Salem KOA): Transported by a wagon, you are dropped off in the “Wicked Woods,” unguided and on your own. The only way to get back is to guide your way through the woods, through the scary buildings, a haunted graveyard and the Maze of Horror! But watch out, Wicked Willie is waiting for you!

Of course these are just a few haunted campgrounds and attractions across the U.S. If you know of one, please leave a comment and stare your experience with us!


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