6 Wet-Weather Vacation Tips

Don’t let the rain slow your vacation down. Embrace it! Here are 6 Wet-Weather Vacation Tips to keep your vacation going.

1. Have a Movie Fest: Go to the local movie theater or rent a movie at your hotel. Make sure to stock up on snacks, candy and drinks.

2. Make Use of Hotel Amenities: If you are at a resort or hotel with many amenities, take advantage of it! Hit the spa, the hotel restaurant or take the kids to the Kid’s Club area for arts and crafts.

3. Hit the Museums: Even small towns and beach communities have little museums that are interesting to walk through and can pass the time while the rain pours down. Before going to your destination, research the different museums or indoor entertainment complexes in the area.

4. Get Wet!: Go ahead, play in the rain! Splash in the puddles and get dirty in the mud! Sometimes you need to let yourself go and experience life.

5. Make a Game of It: Grab a deck of cards, a board game, puzzle or coloring books and have a family game tournament! Turn your rainy vacation day into a great family experience. You can also explore the local arcade.

6. Picnic indoors: Instead of getting wet at the park, throw down a few hotel towels or a blanket and have a picnic in your hotel room! Go to the market, pick up a few foods that are local to region and enjoy the tasting part of your vacation. The kids will definitely remember this picnic!

Written by Lissa Harnish Poirot, a writer on familyvacationcritic.com. To read the full article Click Here.


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