Bish’s RV Customer Travels: Truman and Tracie

Truman and Tracie are proud owners of their new 2010 Cougar, purchased at Bish’s RV in Idaho Falls. Since purchasing their new 5th wheel, they have traveled across the U.S. staying in Montana, Texas and Florida. Here are pictures from their adventures.

“This was in Dallas Texas. We were just inside the house when Lightening struck that live oak. A BIG BOOM and a RED GLOW; we were sure the trailer was struck. We were amazed it hit the tree instead. You can see where it blew off the bark and split the tree. It had to be removed.  I am now a little leery of lightening.” Tracie

On Valentine’s Day at Hobe Cove in Port St. Lucie in Florida. “We were visiting my best friend from high school.” Tracie

Truman and Tracie inside an airplane cockpit at the Navel Air Museum in Pensacola, FL. They were visiting their friends who are retired from the Navy.

“This is Truman and our Daughter Tammy in ST. Augustine Fl.  We were there for 1 month.  Had a great time.  LOVE my trailer.” Tracie

We spent the 4th of July in Montana. So you see, we have been spending a lot of time in our trailer. We love the laundry shoot and the shower.” Tracie

Thank you to Truman and Tracie for sharing their adventures with us! If you have a camping adventure you would like to share with us, leave your journey below in our comment section.


About bishsrv

Bish’s RV Super Center is dedicated to provide quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers, and to create an atmosphere where our customers can enjoy a positive experience as friends of our family business. When Bish's RV first opened its doors in Idaho Falls 17 years ago, we had no intention of evolving into the largest RV dealer in the State of Idaho. Rather, it was owner Tadd Jenkins' goal to incorporate the same ideals that had been instilled in him by his family since he was a small boy. Among these were honesty when dealing with others, treating others like you would want to be treated, and always be available to provide service when it is needed.
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